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Rub Cybernetic Elbows with the Rich and Infamous!

New Shadowrun supplement available!

Tired of eating the same ol' rations and wearing the same ol' rags? Time to spend some of that hard-earned nuyen with the latest book for your Shadowrun game!

There are many runners that start their lives in the gutter, trying to make a better life for themselves through acts of dubious morality for the promise of a big paycheck. With Shadowrun: Jet Set, we get a glimpse of the life that the power-hungry crave. Corporate execs, information brokers, celebs, even the lives of royalty are detailed—these are the people that get what they want, no matter the cost, and no matter who they step on to get to it. Fortunately for them, the player characters are there to help them get it—for a small fee of course! More than just an expose on the lifestyles of the rich and famous, this book has multiple plot hooks to get your party into the upper echelons of society, along with information on locales. Also included are write-ups of some NPCs that your character may have only read about, like Nadja Daviar, the last interpreter for the Great Dragon, Dunkelzahn!

Check out all of the Shadowrun books available here—but don't forget to pick up your copy of the 20th anniversary edition of Shadowrun, and definitely don't forget about some of our Shadowrun classics from our American Eagle sale!

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Shadowrun...awesome and you should give it a try if you haven't

This has come and gone but a group is trying to bring the shadowrun game back and on their kickstarter page the $10,000 pledge is...

Again this has come and gone, that pledge was sold out.

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