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Pathfinder Battles Preview: Uncommon Courtesy

Pathfinder Battles Preview: Uncommon Courtesy Friday, October 21, 2011I’m pleased to report that I have now seen preproduction samples of all 41 miniatures in the Pathfinder Battles Heroes & Monsters set, and I am thrilled with how they look! At long last we have discovered the “perfect” goblin skin tone, and the big meaty Ettin finally has the proper ink wash to make him a truly menacing brute. Things are really coming together, and folks around the Paizo office are blown away by the quality...
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Tags: Dwarves Half-Elf Miniatures Pathfinder Battles Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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The Lost Pathfinder—Chapter Three: The Grand Opera

The Lost Pathfinderby Dave Gross ... Chapter Three: The Grand OperaThanks to the longevity granted by my mingled elven and human blood, I have held a box at the opera longer than any other member of the Jeggare family. Even before my mother bequeathed it to me, her parents had held it throughout their long lives, and so had their venerable parents before them. It is in fact one of the four longest-held boxes in the Opera House of Egorian, and upon her ascent to the throne, the first Queen...
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Tags: Dave Gross Eric Belisle Half-Elf The Lost Pathfinder Pathfinder Tales Wizard

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