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Friday, July 27, 2007

Making its grand debut in Pathfinder #2, I hereby give you Magnimar—City of Monuments.

1The Irespan
2Alabaster District
3Marble District
5The Capital District
8Grand Arch
9The Arvensoar
10The Bazaar of Sails
12The Rubble
14The Marches
15Beacon's Point
16Rag's End
17Silver Shore
18Kyver's Islet

For a more detailed view, click on the image.

James Sutter
Assistant Editor, Pathfinder

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Tags: Magnimar Maps Rise of the Runelords

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When I click on this map I see a different map. I'm going to run the RotRL Campaign and I need a better map than whats on PF#2

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

He's right!

The map we get does not have the legend in the lower left, so it is not the one shown.


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Shivok wrote:

When I click on this map I see a different map. I'm going to run the RotRL Campaign and I need a better map than whats on PF#2

Try This blog which includes a download of the corrected map-key

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